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How to create a Cassandra container for testing with Keyspace and the latest schema with a single script call

The problem: We have an application that uses Cassandra as the preferred persistence technology and we would like to have a one-command container running for local development and testing.

In other words, we need the Cassandra container to have the Keyspace and the up-to-date schema following our migration scripts by executing something like  ./
Breaking this problem into two sub-problems we identify that in order to do that we need a DB migration tool. In RDBMS we have tools like Flyway or Liquibase. For Cassandra, with a little bit of digging, com.hhandoko:cassandra-migration can be found. Which we can be incorporated into our codebase as a dependency or can exist as a standalone artefact (jar file) to be run on demand by a script. The latest is what we are going to use here.
When we go to releases of that repo, we can see the version of the jar with dependencies. (Current versioncassandra-migration-0.17-jar-with-dependencies.jar).

We want to …